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Playing various games, you will not only enjoy, but also perfectly develop their economic, logical and tactical skills, especially when it comes to the genre - strategy game. This genre has long been known in the market of computer and flash games. They appeared in the late 80s - early 90s and have taken their place among the loyal fans. What types of strategies? Games in strategic genre - a sufficiently large system, which combines a number of different areas: Turn-based strategy. Each player plays at a particular time, in this type of gameplay you can relax, carefully consider tactics and economic development. Classics of the genre are games like - Heroes of Might and Magic, Age of Wonders, Disciples. Real-time strategy. The name speaks for itself, all the players at the same time produce a variety of tactical and economic transactions. Games in this direction more focused on military campaigns than on economic development. The most famous and favorite games in this genre are the Warcraft and Age of Empires. Online strategy. Perhaps the most vast area that includes the browser itself and client applications. The ability to play with hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously attracts to such games, more and more people. These we consider in more detail. Characteristic features of the online strategy Play online strategy is quite simple, you pick your favorite game, register and get your character. Further, depending on the game, to develop economic and military technology, or all together. Games online strategies are presented in the network simply hitting the scale, there is and pirate battles, the kingdom, and even entire planets. Play online strategy can free, almost all of them do not require any cash at registration. Many have paid services, but they are probably at the request of the player, than a real need. Top-end games of today are considered - Drakensang Online, Nords: Heroes of the North, Grepolis, Tribal Wars 2 and many others. In client-based online games, the principle is the same, the only thing you need to download the game application on your computer. The difference may be that in some client policies need to pay your account, but still in the overwhelming number of online strategies you can play for free. Popular in this category may be called Stronghold Kingdoms, Astro Lords: Oort Cloud, Armada Online. If you are not a fan of strategy games, it's time to become one, and this review will help you make a choice in favor of certain types of games in the strategy genre.

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