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The concept of a logical game dates back to time immemorial, not when mankind needed the stimulation of the brain, but in a certain light-weight form. But as early as now, puzzle games are highly intelligent strategy played alone or with a partner of partner (s). But unlike the ancient times, the logic of the modern game you can play online using your computer or a gaming platform, and the game itself may have a mass character. To date, there are quite a number of games category "logical" that may have some notion of a mixed category. For example, it may be logical arcade, or logic simulators, which are of a completely different direction. In addition, thanks to modern technology and advances, the opportunity to play free puzzle games in single and mass, when the participants are completely unaware of each other. But, thanks to a specially designed game servers, where all information, as well as the game engine, the game version of the interactive media has become a reality. There are logical games online that you can play using installed on your computer browser, separated into separate independent types. By the like, include card games, dice games on the boards (backgammon, chess) game with drawings on plates (dominoes, mahjong), playing with paper (tic - tac-toe), soldiers, and other role-playing. Also, there is a logic game for girls and boys, who are based at the Children concrete floor. There are games that are of interest not only teenagers but also adults, and allow "the mind" pastime. It does not matter whether it is single or multi-player game types. As for multi-user applications, puzzle games online for free that you can play, can have either a fixed number of players, or arbitrary. In some cases, even play just is not possible without the presence of all the participants of the action. There are also options when the games have some kind of a cooperative effect between the players. In such cases, either the players together in teams, either working alone or start with a single on the attacks and subsequently merged. There are a variety of games to play online for free logic or another type, you can just choose for yourself what you like. It may be gambling or intellectual type direction, simulation, strategic, economic, tactical, communication, entertainment, and other competitive.

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