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The predecessor of the first Barbie was the heroine of comic books from the German newspaper Bild Lilli. The creator of Barbie has chosen as the prototype of the first doll Lilly was back in 1955. The creator closely involved in its design until 1959, where she presented it at the International Toy Fair. At the time it was released in two versions - blonde and brunette. After the release of the two models - the beginning of a real stir in the fashion world of Barbie. A year later, Barbie has become a master new profession for which she needed not only new things, but also a variety of jewelry and accessories. Began to appear relatives and friends, the best first cousin Francie doll has become. Few parents can afford such expensive dolls, and the kids are very upset if they did not buy their dream. Much time has passed since then and now, everyone who has access to the Internet can admire the beautiful doll, and Barbie play games. You can make it anything you like using your imagination, to dress up, decorate, to do everything possible hairstyles and all this absolutely free! It offers plenty of entertainment Barbie games for girls that were previously not accessible to children, and now they will love. Along with Barbie you'll be able to ride expensive cars, creating a huge number of new images, to collect a lot of things smart. Most importantly, it will be free of charge, if the play on our site games for girls Barbie. In these games, you can not only find something to your child and develop his abilities and some skill, but you can plunge yourself into the wonderful world of entertainment. On the website you'll find plenty of Barbie games online options for various genres, such as coloring, arcade, puzzle, racing for girls, adventure and of course dress up. However, you will go on a journey through the steep boutiques, beauty salons, visit a lot to do for her makeup, go skiing and prefer cleaning or go to the wedding of friends. In addition, Barbie can change the profession, it may be as a physician and a professional driver, and maybe a normal elementary school teacher. All of these games will be an interesting pastime not only for kids, but for adults, especially young mothers, who often sit at home and addicting flash games on our site. Games are the best way to take off stress and get a charge of positive energy for the whole day, especially in games with Barbie.

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