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For sure, every girl, being so young, dreamed of becoming a great feechkoy. Because fairies - is the most kind and cute creatures possessing incredible power of magic. With the recent times in the children's circle gained their fame Winx fairies, who are known for defending the dream of every person struggling with the forces of evil, which, as usual, does not cease to try to capture and enslave the human world. Feechek There were a few, and the general idea of ​​good and able to protect the innocent united them in a very friendly staff, who was called Winx Club. Surely, you dreamed of somehow feel as a fair, kind and beautiful fairy, circling in flight, spread around the magic, to help people, to protect them. Plunge into the whole atmosphere directly from the screen of your monitor, you allow the game Winx - enough just to have an internet connection and the desire to create miracles. Bring to life a variety of fancy designer will help you dress up Winx - their wardrobe is filled with enough variety of fashionable and beautiful clothes. Imagine yourself any of the heroines of the Winx, you can choose the perfect dress or top, skirt or pants, try on to your image beautiful bright wings, so that you can float through space, beautiful colored stockings and many other modern clothing. What is most remarkable, free games Winx help you make all your ideas. Just believe in magic. Winx Online will allow you to create a variety of protective potions that make it easier to fight against evil and other malevolent fairies. One need only type in your search engine "Winx games to play."

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